Free Bikes

226 Hudson Ave., Rochester, NY

  • We use a lottery system to make the giveaway process fair for everyone. There is no advantage to arriving early.

  • No referral, voucher, or appointments needed.

  • Free bicycles are given away only during these times and while the supply for that day lasts.

  • Demand for free bikes sometimes exceeds our supply. Also, we may not have a particular style of bicycle available on the day that you visit. (if that happens, please come back another day as we are constantly re-stocking our supply).

  • Please have patience, we are all volunteers.

To receive a free bike from us:

  • A picture ID is required for adults.

  • Clients must have a working lock with a chain/cable or $5 to purchase a lock.

  • Children under 18 must have an adult with them to receive a bike.

  • The person getting the bike must be present.

  • The bike must fit the rider. This is a safety issue.

  • One bike every 12 months.

  • No bikes given away to children on weekdays while school is in session.

  • We are not able to save bikes for people.

Trike Program

The Trike program is for individuals with a disability preventing them from riding a two-wheel bike and who can demonstrate that they meet the program's standards for physical and emotional competency to ride safely.

Program guidelines:

Intake screening -

    • A candidate must have a prescription from their medical professional that documents their disability and confirms the need for a trike.

    • A candidate must weigh < 250lbs as that is the maximum weight the trikes we provide can safely support.

On-site ride evaluation -

    • A time will be scheduled at our Hudson Ave location to evaluate the candidate's ability to ride the trike safely. Evaluation will involve getting on and off the trike, starting to ride from a stopped position, ability to brake and restart pedaling and ability to ride up a ramp at street intersections without any difficulty.

    • We currently are only offering 24" trikes and confirming that the trike fits the candidate will be part of the ride evaluation.

After successfully completing the screening / evaluation process, we will schedule a date for a trike to be built and then for pick-up. We ask that the candidate have assistance from family, a friend, or support person to pick-up and transport the trike from the shop. Candidate must bring a working lock or $5 to buy a lock from the shop.

Note: On-site evaluation will follow the shop's current COVID-19 protocols.

To find out more information about the trike program, email Please include a phone number where you can be contacted.